What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care optimizes the function of the nervous system, increasing our healing capacity and improving the quality of our life.

Chiropractic care helps your body restore and maintain normal functions that make it simpler and more enjoyable to go about your day. Market Mall Family Chiropractic Clinic offers a range of care and support to improve wellness:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nutritional support
  • Lifestyle recommendations.

Chiropractic health care focuses on preventative, natural and conservative ways to help your body heal, rather than rely on medication or surgery.

The chiropractic patient is often in pursuit of a gentle technique whereby an adjusting instrument is used. We use Torque Release Technique at our clinic as well as pediatric specific techniques that are gentle and appropriate for the infant and child.

This allows for a "no cracking" or joint release, "no twisting" type adjustment that appeals to many. Other techniques can also be accessed in our clinic, including Thompson Drop Technique, Gonstead, and manual type adjusting.

Please let our staff know your preferences!

Do I need Chiropractic care?

Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. Whether you are injured, unwell or symptom-free, the chiropractic adjustment aims to help your body function in a healthier way. The chiropractic adjustment reduces irritation within the nervous system that limits our ability to heal from pain and dysfunction. The effects of dysfunction within the nervous system affect more aspects of our health than many people understand. Let us lead you to a healthier expression of you!

You should also consider care if you:

  • have joint and muscle pain, chronic headaches, lower or upper back pain,
  • are an athlete,
  • have pregnancy related concerns,
  • have childhood injuries, posture or co-ordination challenges, or
  • want to optimize your performance in all your daily activities.

Are there the risks?

The chiropractic adjustment is a drug-free, non-invasive approach to common conditions such as headache, neck pain and back pain. As such, there is very little risk. Complications arising from adjustment are extremely rare.

No procedure will ever be performed without the patient's consent.

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What should I expect?

Chiropractic adjustments are quite comfortable. The feel of an adjustment depends on which technique is used. Sensations can vary from a sensation of a small click of an instrument to the stretch of a muscle or release of tension. Adjustments for babies are often so gentle they sleep right through them. Children find the treatments enjoyable and usually want to have their adjustment before mom, dad and siblings get their turn!

Patients often remark that they enjoy the way they feel after an adjustment. They move more freely and feel relaxed.

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