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The Birth of a Child - The Reason Why All Babies Benefit from Chiropractic Care
Date May 23, 2014

One of the most common reasons that parents access chiropractic care for their newborns stems from a concern about their birth experience.  The reality of the birth experience is different from what many women expect.  Our ideas about how things will unfold is often influenced by the ideas of others.  

Pediatric Chiropractic Care and the Birth Experience

More and more women are choosing to include midwives and doulas in their birth plan.  They want to stay at home longer, minimize intervention and trust their bodies in bringing forth new life.  

For many other mothers, a hospital birth provides the comfort and safety they desire.  Birth stories vary considerably, choices about labouring, breastfeeding and parenting are abundant.  At our clinic we respect and support all parents in their journey.  Our role is not to judge but to provide the care to support the outstanding and brilliant tendency of the nervous system to heal after the birthing experience.

Difficulties with Breastfeeding

Putting baby to the breast immediately following birth supports the nutritional, hormonal and emotional needs of the baby and the mom.  The latch of the infant becomes paramount in nurturing this bond between infant and mommy.  It is becoming common knowledge that the inborn ability for rooting (finding the nipple), sucking, tongue protrusion and the movement of the palate are all intricately connected to the health and proper function of the central nervous system.  

It is extremely common to see the negative impact of birth trauma on the infantile sucking mechanism.  Commonly referred to as a lazy latch, this phenomenon is responsible for a increase in maternal stress, "insufficient" milk supply and an unfortunate number of women being encouraged to formula feed their children.  

This is very much a chiropractic infantile issue.  

Very specific patterns of abnormal function in the nervous system of a baby are identifiable by chiropractors trained in pediatric assessment and adjustment techniques.  Restoring the innately wired-in reflexes that are responsible for successful latch and breastfeeding have parents noting positive changes in a multitude of areas.  

Infant Chiropractic Care for Self Healing

To be clear, the chiropractic adjustment does not "treat" the following symptoms or scenarios but rather allows the child's nervous system to restore proper function and to beautifully self-heal as it is intricately designed to do so.  

Always remember that the health of your child is an expression of their neurology.  Chiropractic helps to restore healthy neurological expression and is appropriate for healthy babies as well as babies with health concerns.


If the following describes your birth experience or your child, please talk with us.  We would love to help you nurture the loving bond between you and your baby.


Birth Trauma

Long Birthing

Quick Birthing Process

Stressful Birth


Forcep Delivery

Vacuum Delivery

Cord Wrap

Labor Induction

Latch Issues

Breastfeeding With More Ease
From One Breast

Clicking or Slurpy
Sounding Breastfeeding 

Lip Ties

Tongue Ties

Insufficient Milk Supply

Sore Nipples

Painful Breastfeeding

Maternal Stress
and Anxiety


GERD (Gastro Esophogeal
Reflux Disorder)

Gassy Infants

Infrequent or Abnormal
Bowel Movements

Undesired Encouragement
to Formula Feed

Abnormal Head Shape

Shoulder Dystocia or Injury

Infantile Clavicular Fracture

Premature Infants

Healthy Newborns 



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